Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another One-piece collection

My husband and I always collect One-piece Figures. We've been doing this for years like watching One-piece Anime. He always insist that he is Luffy and I am Boa Hancock; just to say that I am the one who have crush on him (lol) (anime-related)

Oh how i wish we can go at One Piece Theme park on Laguna Gamagouri; but sadly we are so far from that place. Hiroshima-to-almost-Tokyo, that's a long way to travel and a lot of money to spent. Maybe someday we can go there, who knew! 

We display all the figures we've collect specially those figure that are so rare and bigger one. Aside being a collector of One-piece figure, I also love collecting re-ment miniatures and Pullip doll, uuuh.. it's my weakness! (haha)

And now here's our added collection, The Trafalgar-Law's Submarine. The only problem when you are buying or collecting a one-piece pirate ship, you need to fix them like a puzzle. Little by little. Step by step. 

My husband are assign on putting them together and ME?? the hardest part, I was the one who will put the sticker on it and those little sticker are hard to peel off so I really need a tweezer. 

And finally Boom! Trafalgar-law's are done and ready to display. :)

I wonder what's next.. 

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