Thursday, September 13, 2012

Latest design for latest to sell...

Sometimes when you are having a job or being a full housewife and mom you will never have a great time to make your hand-made in full course; and booyah that's me I'm an artist with a lack of time on making my craft designs that need to sneak a time just to create something and to work at midnight as well; an artist that need to find a better moment coz tiredness is my best ever enemy.

When I finally have such a great time I usually make a lot of designs so even I don't have enough time still I make a bunch.

How i wish I can sell all my creations in Etsy, but the only problem I still don't have credit cards, it's really hard to get a credit cards here specially if you have different race ( oh yeah that's life) even-though I'm a permanent resident still it's hard to have a credit card oh maybe someday; maybe i can find a right bank to accept and grant a credit card. (frown face)

Well anyways, here's my creations that I made. More on sweets deco. deco-deco..deco (singing)

*sweet clips for sweet note                                                       *fake suites deco clipped
*sweetberry tart bag holder                       *Ice cream cone key chain                     *Ice cream waffle bowl note/pic holder

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