Thursday, September 13, 2012

Donuts Swappies~

Finally, I have time to post my pending blog. (and yeah there's a loooooot of pending) Oh busy days and tiring moments I have make me feel not to write a blog. Argh!

And here it is... blogging my donuts swappies that I made out of fimo clay, deco sauce and acrylic paint. It's my first swapped that I joined with my co-artist at CFSPh or also known as Clay Friends Society Philippines.

Since my mom will go home in the Philippines, I finally have a way to commit in swapping to them. I am so excited but still that's a rushy donuts one, I am a very busy mommy that's why I need to make it asap。

I am so excited and wondering if they will love and who will received my hand-made donuts. (Surely, I'm a first timer swapper haha!)

A one inch (1") donuts size with different design or flavors, no need for accessory just simply make donuts.

It's Donuts time~!

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