Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making Accessories

A busy week making new accessories. I miss doing accessory that's why I made it and yes I will sell them. 

Here's my Veggie flower ring. One of my fave rings that I made, she's so lovely even she's a veggie. And don't forget veggie is good to our health (haha!) 

And this is a big Blau blume ring, her simplicity drives you to wear it.

Meet Serefina. She's a wearable accessory. She can use as necklace, bracelet and/or just a bag chain as well. I don't know where I get the name "Serefina" but it's just bumps on my mind and it fits on her being an Ancient Princess.

And here's my bracelet that I made "A Letter from France" I design it with a postage france stamp and a words surrounds her. And "Simoune" the necklace, she's simply elegant.

and more Ring-a-ring.. 

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