Wednesday, April 9, 2014

LP: Invites project

1240319_625293230855498_1494563093_nAnother late project to posts. Aarrgh! there’s a lot of post that I’ve been missed but anyways here’s the snap paper craft works I made before. I’ve been hired to make a wedding invites and a 5oth birthday for a masquerade party theme. It’s a long way challenge to me especially the wedding invites that my dear friend requests by having a bride and groom that made out of clay kissing in front or while opening their wedding invitation. Oh it’s a big gulp but I’m very happy with the outcome and of course not just me including my dear friend, the bride and groom reminds me how sweet to be in-love and be loved for the rest of our lives.Ayeeeh! love-love-love <3IMG_6210
My lovely cousin hired me as well to do the masquerade invites for her mom and dad, it was a surprise masquerade party for their 50th birthday. She wanted a royal blue, black and gold color blend for their invites. It’s quite hard because it’s too many to make it but thanks to my Silhoutte Cameo for helping my works faster. I also made a message sign book for their beloved guests, a thousand thanks. How I wish I was there to celebrate and wear a masks too hihi! but sadly I really can’t because I don’t have a ticket to fly to Manila, Philippines and I’m busy working too. IMG_6217IMG_6219IMG_6220

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