Friday, November 16, 2012

A Tricky Boo!

My entry for a Tricky Halloween challenge at Art Nouveau Philippines. 
Here's my tricky treat for everyone; a spider cupcakes, a biscuit with witchy dips in the filling, 
a biscuit with tombstone, and a brownie with creepy bloody hand. Want some? :))

Art Nouveau Philippines  is a new launch community organization for Filipino Artisan like the Clay Enthusiasts. Art Nouveau hunts for a tricky artworks that made of Polymer clay. And Yes I am one of the Artist Member and a Moderator of this guild, and with the help of my co-artists especially Miss Peach of The Joyful Crafter, Art Nouveau are becoming way much better and more bold when it comes to Arts.

Here's other entries of Tricky Challenge made by the Art Nouveau Artists. 

A lady witch that will witchy-hunts and tricky you 
using her black magical powers; 
this is an entry artwork by Peach of 
The Joyful Crafter.

This awesome Zombies 
(a characters in Plants and Zombies game) 
are still in and fits for the tricky halloween; 
a handmade by Leah of Louise Clayation.

A cutie witchy-devilry chibi or a mini people in a halloween costume ; this is humbly made by Faith of Justclayingaround.

Please support local Artists, Visit Art Nouveau Philippines.

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