Friday, October 12, 2012

Knock of blessing.

It was September 17, my little princess birthday. I received an e-mail coming from my phone.
I just ignore it at first because I was busy playing with my princess plus I can't understand the whole messages since it was written in Japanese.

Then I checked it, Guess what! I got customer. Yey! She purchased the strawberry tart bag holder. I am  busy exchanging messages that day, confirming order and of course issuing payment. And I am so pretty excited preparing her item, situating it on my own customized box. Her (my daughter) and her birthdate are my lucky charm like when she was born.

Here's the images that I captured before I shipped it to Miss Izumi from Kobe.
I also made my own business card for Izumi. :))

Here's Miss Izumi feedback/message. It is written in Japanese but thanks for having an automatic translation. So First top image was written in Japanese then the second bottom image will be the translation of her message. 
Once again, Domo Arigatougozaimashita. 

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