Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The making of Phoebe's Invitation

Yippee.. it's my little angel Baptismal day! :)

Since, I am also making an invitation/s for any events, I really decided to make a baptismal invitation for my baby, Phoebe Gaile.

I was thinking for something unique but still cute for a little one. So, of course i prepare all the materials and I am making a cutee pocket fold invites for her;

  • Baby Pink card board paper with scent
  • white special paper with butterfly design
  • brown customize ribbon with Phoebe Gaile name.
  • Special Color Parchment paper
  • Glossy Photo paper for tag/s or picture
  • Picture/Image of Phoebe
  • Of course, Ruler
  • Cutter as well
  • Double sided tape
  • and Scissor with scallop design
It was really fun making an invitation especially when it comes to your love ones or special someone. Actually, her invitation/s is really hard to make, because it's quite m
uch detailed and a little ambitious to perfection, hehe :) but it's worth creating it for my little angel.

So here's a snap finish of my invites that I made for her. Hope you appreciate!

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